Your everyday routine may alter drastically if you find a trustworthy washing facility in the Emirate of Sharjah. It may save you time and guarantee that your clothing are always clean and fresh to have a reliable laundry service close by, whether you require a basic wash-dry-fold service or specialist cleaning for fragile goods. We provide a comprehensive selection of services to fulfill all of your laundry requirements at Laundrynearme because we recognize the value of both quality and convenience.

Laundry services are no exception in Sharjah, a city renowned for its dynamic lifestyle and rich cultural legacy. Everybody, from families to working professionals, needs a trustworthy washing facility that can handle anything from leather apparel and bridal dresses to unusual goods like these. 

Laundrynearme Provides Services

Launder, air dry, and fold

For regular laundry requirements, our wash-dry-fold service is ideal. Just leave your clothing here, and we’ll handle the rest. Our staff makes sure that every item is dried, cleaned, and folded nicely so that you may pick it up.


With our expert ironing service, you may wave goodbye to creases. We promise a clean, professional finish that will keep you looking put together whether you need dresses, shirts, or jeans pressed.

Vacuum cleaning

Our dry cleaning service is the perfect answer for goods that need extra attention. We use the finest methods to preserve the quality and look of your clothing as we handle anything from suits to delicate gowns.

Upholstery and curtains

Upholstery and curtain cleaning may be difficult tasks. Give it to us to handle for you. Our professionals will leave your house smelling fresh and clean by using gentle but efficient ways to eliminate dust, stains, and allergies.

Suede and leather

Specialized cleaning is necessary to maintain the texture and look of leather and suede. Our staff is skilled in handling these materials with care to maintain their brand-new appearance.

Restoration and Cleaning of Wedding Gowns

A priceless memento of your wedding is your gown. Our cleaning and restoration service for bridal gowns guarantees that they remain immaculate for many years to come. We treat every gown with the greatest care, keeping its attractiveness and eliminating stains.

Advantages of using Laundrynearme

Easy access

You can locate a washing business nearby with ease since they are dispersed around Sharjah. We save you time and effort by offering pick-up/delivery and online booking services, which provide an added degree of convenience.

The Assured Quality

Our commitment to provide superior washing services makes us proud. Using the latest tools and methods, our crew is skilled in handling a wide variety of materials and clothing to consistently provide outstanding results.

Economy of Cost

Our affordable prices guarantee that you will get excellent washing services without having to pay a high fee. To further reduce the cost of our services, we provide a range of bundles and rebates.

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Laundrynearme makes it simple to locate a trustworthy laundromat in the Emirate of Sharjah. For all your laundry requirements, we are the best option because to our extensive services, practical locations, and affordable prices.